Our idea, goal & values


Our vision is to be the most desirable and fastest growing Top Level Domain company in the German speaking market.

Our idea

The business concept of New TLD Company is to create a new Top Level Domain aimed for the German speaking market. We know that there is an unsaturated need for sharing information.

Trademarks, companies, organizations, countries, cities, municipalities, groups, villages, communities and venues all have the need of conveying new information in a new way, with a new Top Level Domain.

We will reshape the future how people in German speaking countries search and find information and potentially change both structure and presence on the Internet.


New TLD Company has applied for .JETZT, and aims to manage and fortify our company as a well-established Top Level Domain within all areas in the German speaking market.


We intend to work closer to the market than any of our competitors and we ensure that our solid experience from previous businesses will be shared. The close cooperation we develop with our clients will be an advantage and without doubt generate a successful synergy between us.

New TLD Company has the driving force to make things happen instead of watching them happen.