Wir sind erfreut, Ihnen unsere Partner vorstellen zu dürfen:


Neustar, Inc. provides advanced technical registry services for New TLD Company, applicant for the new .JETZT TLD. Neustar have over a decade of experience providing full technical, operational, marketing and policy expertise for .biz and .us. Neustar also operates the technical and registry services for .co, .tel, and .travel. Neustar operates worldwide registry gateways for other ccTLDs; offers Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and provides comprehensive managed DNS and full-scale registry services with 24/7 worldwide customer support.


We are excited to partner with a trusted, reliable company like Sedo, who brings more than thirteen years of industry-leading experience to this new partnership. Thanks to their knowledge of the domain industry and of domain name value, Sedo is the perfect choice to support .JETZT’s premium list identification process.

They will also provide us with access to their premium auction platform, brokerage services, marketplace and registrar network, helping us sell premium .JETZT domains. Sedo is also a secure partner, with secure payment and escrow service, as well as expert transfer agents.

NCC Group:

We are working with NCC Group to offer our customers the peace of mind of an escrow solution. An escrow solution is a specialised form of assurance, where any business critical application or material can be securely deposited with NCC Group. We offer this facility in order to demonstrate both our commitment to corporate governance best practice and to building long term relationships with our customers.