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To learn more about the new .JETZT domain and our services, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to contact you for further information.

You are also welcome to contact us for any questions regarding the current status of the .JETZT domain or about the New TLD Company.

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Annika Liljenström,
Flygelgränd 16,
SE – 231 63 Trelleborg

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Wir sind erfreut, Ihnen unsere Partner vorstellen zu dürfen:


Neustar, Inc. provides advanced technical registry services for New TLD Company, applicant for the new .JETZT TLD. Neustar have over a decade of experience providing full technical, operational, marketing and policy expertise for .biz and .us. Neustar also operates the technical and registry services for .co, .tel, and .travel. Neustar operates worldwide registry gateways for other ccTLDs; offers Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and provides comprehensive managed DNS and full-scale registry services with 24/7 worldwide customer support.


We are excited to partner with a trusted, reliable company like Sedo, who brings more than thirteen years of industry-leading experience to this new partnership. Thanks to their knowledge of the domain industry and of domain name value, Sedo is the perfect choice to support .JETZT’s premium list identification process.

They will also provide us with access to their premium auction platform, brokerage services, marketplace and registrar network, helping us sell premium .JETZT domains. Sedo is also a secure partner, with secure payment and escrow service, as well as expert transfer agents.

NCC Group:

We are working with NCC Group to offer our customers the peace of mind of an escrow solution. An escrow solution is a specialised form of assurance, where any business critical application or material can be securely deposited with NCC Group. We offer this facility in order to demonstrate both our commitment to corporate governance best practice and to building long term relationships with our customers.

Our idea, goal & values


Our vision is to be the most desirable and fastest growing Top Level Domain company in the German speaking market.

Our idea

The business concept of New TLD Company is to create a new Top Level Domain aimed for the German speaking market. We know that there is an unsaturated need for sharing information.

Trademarks, companies, organizations, countries, cities, municipalities, groups, villages, communities and venues all have the need of conveying new information in a new way, with a new Top Level Domain.

We will reshape the future how people in German speaking countries search and find information and potentially change both structure and presence on the Internet.


New TLD Company has applied for .JETZT, and aims to manage and fortify our company as a well-established Top Level Domain within all areas in the German speaking market.


We intend to work closer to the market than any of our competitors and we ensure that our solid experience from previous businesses will be shared. The close cooperation we develop with our clients will be an advantage and without doubt generate a successful synergy between us.

New TLD Company has the driving force to make things happen instead of watching them happen.


The web has been growing at a rapid pace over the last two decades and has now become a central platform for media as well as for communication and information sharing. Internet is now more of an essence than just an enhancement in our daily life and websites are nowadays our hubs when it comes to sharing, searching and finding information.

The development has increased depth, width and content significantly, which also creates challenges for both ease of use, structure and navigation.

The way of finding and searching information online will continue to change over time. ICANN has a clear vision of the Internets future and our ideas match that view perfectly.

New TLD Company gives the future market a fantastic opportunity to transform todays potential to a faster and more efficient way of finding the right information.
We create possibilities for the future.
It is with this aforementioned information the New TLD Company has been founded and it will be the basis for further development of our business idea.

The founders of .JETZT

The founders of New TLD Company is a group of successful Swedish entrepreneurs, with a background of developing, running and constantly expanding similar companies on the ever-growing Swedish market.

Jonas Cederfjäll und Peter Delbanco founded the domain registrar Cedel AB back in 2002, both have extensive experience and excellent knowledge in the domain name industry, dating back as far as 1998, when both worked for the well known company VeriSign.

In spring 2012, the goals were met and Cedel AB was sold to the English company Group NBT.

By that time, Cedel AB had successfully developed and had become a mainplayer in the market, as Sweden’s third largest domain name management company.