Use of .JETZT

There are multitude of reasons why you should apply and register a .JETZT domain

It is a great idea to use .JETZT as a complement to your existing domain. This will make it easier for your customers to remember you and connect with you.

Furthermore, you get the chance to create a more user friendly experience when advertising for campaigns, promotional tours and particular events. In addition you get the opportunity to build your brand strategy online.

A successful example is the well-developed Swedish market, where individuals, businesses and established registrars among others, already have this opportunity with the open .nu domain. .nu is a synonym for .JETZT and translates to now in Swedish. .nu is already well established among a wide range of organizations, including large companies, cities, bloggers and events. One out of every five domains on the Swedish market is registered as a .nu domain.

We also appreciate that there is an unlimited need for sharing information today.
Trademarks, companies, organizations, countries, cities, municipalities, groups, villages, communities and venues all want to share information in a new way – with the new Top Level Domain .JETZT. .JETZT is suitable both for existing and for new business ideas.

So, use this opportunity and register buzzwords, company names or smart campaign addresses as long as the .JETZT domain is still available.
Shape your future with .JETZT.